Hey beautiful,

I see you.  You are a passionate and creative woman just trying to live her dream. 

You spend your day working and taking care of your kiddos (attempting virtual learning and trying to keep up with the changing schedules, and running them to their favorite, and not so favorite activities) but with only so many hours in your day, life keeps getting away from you and taking photos is the last thing on your mind.  Before you know it, it’s 10pm and you are trying to hide in the bathroom just to get a moment to yourself.  

If you were really honest with yourself,  you feel like your days just come and go and you are on the constant grind just getting through your days.

You see glimpses of your tired face in the mirror, you lie awake at night feeling exhausted and thinking about what activities you have tomorrow and you realize you forgot to take photos of the kids and that gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of is never going to happen.

I’m Tara and I understand the overwhelm and stress from life.  I know what it’s like just getting by and always thinking “there’s always another day.”

One day, I had an unfortunate event that made me realize tomorrow is never promised.  All I had left were the memories and the few photos and videos I managed to take.

After that event, I made it a mission to capture memories that would be cherished, moments that would last, and artwork that would be displayed for all to admire. 


Today, I capture milestone moments for families so they have keepsakes to cherish.

Are ready to create that gallery wall and have moments that will last generations?

If that’s a “heck yea!”, contact us today.  We will work together to create an experience you will never forget.